A Collaborative Approach
PRISM Therapy Online was built with the highest standards of therapy, care, quality and smart technology in mind. It was built as a means to provide people with an accessible way to connect to highly qualified professionals - in a way that works for them.

Louize and Richie built PRISM to remove the burden of searching for an appropriately qualified therapist in the midst of an already tough time. They have done this by developing a completely unique algorithm based on a meta-analysis of what treatments and therapies work best with different client problems, what therapist and therapist style, approach and specialty might be best suited to a specific client and how the client’s articulated needs captured by the intake assessment can best be matched by our profiled therapists.

All PRISM therapists are qualified above a specific high standard – all of our psychologists are all chartered with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and have 9+ years of training and experience. All of our psychotherapists are accredited with their relevant member organisations and have 6+ years training and experience.
This is the highest standard in online therapy in Ireland.
Therapists are also selected because of their experience and because of how they speak about and relate to the importance of emotional intelligence. Because after all…

“If we wouldn't sit across from them, we don't expect you to”
Louize Carroll - Co Founder, Director
Louize is a Consultant Psychologist, a chartered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, and member of the British Psychological Society with over 14 years of training and experience working as a mental health professional in multiple industries from the corporate and private industries, to the not-for-profit sector.

She spent a significant part of her career working as a purveyor for mental health systems change for young people in Ireland through her work in Jigsaw – The National Centre for Youth Mental Health founded by Dr. Tony Bates. Central to her role was the development and implementation of a youth-centered and community-based collaborative approach in order to provide young people with integrated, accessible and appropriate mental health support in their communities, as well as supporting the leveraging of government support for this programme which is now in 13 counties across Ireland.

Louize provides support and therapeutic intervention for clients globally, working with a broad range of issues including relationship difficulties, anxiety, trauma, and work problems. She is also a consultant for child protection cases providing comprehensive assessments on key issues including attachment and the impact of trauma/child abuse.

Louize is also the Co-Founder of The Blink Effect, a programme anchored in psychological, neuroscience and mindfulness and is designed to build psychological flexibility in aspiring leaders.

Bringing psychology to a public platform, Louize is the Marathon Mind psychologist, exclusive to Spotify’s award winning podcast by Niall Breslin, Where Is My Mind, working with the minds of those training with Olympic Medallist coaches. She also features in “The Therapy Room”, a spin off Spotify podcast series in collaboration with Dr Tony Bates.

In addition, Louize is a regular media contributor for the column “Design For Life” in the Sunday Business Post, writing about relationships and mood problems amongst other subjects and she makes regular guest expert appearances on Today FM’s Mind Yourself Now with Dermot and Dave and RTE’s business segment on RADIO 1.
Richard McDonagh - Co Founder, Director
Richard Mc Donagh is the director of operations for Prism Therapy Online.

He is an experienced company director, with years of experience managing successful private companies. In the areas of mental health and wellbeing he has established one of Dublin’s leading Counselling & Psychotherapy Clinics and is also a co-founder of The Space Between – a yoga and wellbeing event space in Dublin 2. As an accredited Psychotherapist who is passionate about helping others, Richard’s focus is getting those who need professional help connected to the best service for them.

Drawing on years of experience of facilitating therapy services delivered by mental health professionals, Richard has developed Prism Therapy Online, which he believes is the solution for those looking to find therapy to fit their life within our modern living and working paradigm.

Online therapy enables access to the highest possible standard of care, delivered by best-in-class professionals in the comfort of your home, or in a place that is convenient for you.

The platform matches our clients with therapists based on a detailed intake, they are then met with options of the most highly skilled, trained, and experienced therapists to attend – who are also great, warm and compassionate people to work with.

We don’t believe in endless searching online for therapists and sifting through profiles for a match.

Using the power of technology, you can be assured that Prism Therapy Online will link you with one or more talented professionals who will work with you towards your goals.
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PRISM Therapy Online is not a crisis support service. For emergency support please click here to find a list of support services.
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